Emergency Operations Plan

The Office of Emergency Management takes an “all hazards” approach to disaster management which is reflected in our disaster plan. The plan is made up of several components that include the Basic Plan and 16 annexes. It is the job of the Office of Emergency Management to gather the local experts in these areas to write, regularly review, and when necessary update the basic plan and annexes.

Education and Awareness

Another key role of the Office of Emergency Management is to inform you, the citizens of Navarro County. We are continually striving to bring you the information that you need to make you and your family safer during times of disaster. This web site is central in bringing you this information.

Training / Preparedness

Training is essential for an effective disaster response. Our fire fighters, police officers, and EMS are very good at handling emergencies and crisis situations. However, when disaster strikes on a large scale, extraordinary measures are needed to manage our resources and deal with situations that are not normally part of our daily functions. This is where training becomes very important. The Office of Emergency Management works with the city and county agencies to identify and coordinate appropriate training opportunities.